Lowest price for rooms in Sarajevo, Hadzici, Ilidza

Hotel Seos approves extra discounts for accommodation groups. Discounts are granted 10% and even up to 40% compared to the current prices of accommodation in the Hotel. Seos Hotel offers inexpensive accommodation in Sarajevo, Ilidza, Hadzici, Igman, Bjelasnica. For groups who need a break from the road, or to have a favorable accommodation for a couple days, Hotel Seos is the most perfect place for them. The requirement for discounts is a large group of guests of 10 people or more, the maximum filling rooms for accommodation units. Many Bosnian tourist destinations surround the Hotel Seos, which you can reach in a very short time. In Hotel Seos you can find very kindly servise, which will make your stay very comfortable. We offer traditional Bosnian kitchen which will enchant you with a good quality and taste. Within Hotel there is a conference hall, caffe bar, fitnes club which is free for guest. Cheap rooms, budget accommodation, cheap Hotel. Be our guests!